The Splash Dance Shower Radio


Seeing commercials for the Pollenex Splash Dance Shower Radio might have been the first time I had seen a radio in a shower. Naturally I wanted one, so that I could rock out and splash around. My mother refused to get us one and objected to the whole idea. We only had one bathroom in our house and the idea of us spending EXTRA time in the shower or bath and the resulting shouting matches terrified her.

We did attempt to defy her by using a boombox, perched on the sink, but the batteries died quickly and we didn’t have a power outlet in the bathroom. So the bathroom at the ol’ homestead stayed as quiet as a library with a toilet and a shower in it for my entire youth.

Here is an original commercial for the Splash Dance. It is a pretty straightforward affair, which I think is a missed opportunity. They definitely should have done something to play off the name and parody the movie Flashdance.

For those interested in getting a Splash Dance, you can often find them at flea markets and even online fairly cheaply, especially if you don’t want the box.

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  1. Patrick J. Doody

    Oh my God, I remember wanting one of those so bad, I think I actually had one. Or I could be dreaming I had one. Not sure.

    Upon revisiting that commercial, I did wonder what baseball broadcast that guy was listening to in the morning? What team plays that early? Unless the guy has a night job, then it would make more sense. And if that’s the case, they should have set that up better.

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