The things I will do for Monster Cereal this time of Year

I make it no secret. I am a big fan of Monster Cereal and I believe that if it was available all year long, anytime would be a good time to eat it. But with the limited supply available to me, I really try to enjoy my window for eating the stuff. So as October approached, I abandoned my fruitless search for the new “Chocodiles” and turned my attention to acquiring some Monster Cereals.

My normal easy source is Target and I have one that I can visit pretty regularly. Sadly, each time I came up with nothing and inquiries with staff and managers left me feeling that they were not going to get any. So I opened up my search to other Targets. I have 5 within “easy” driving distance and I hit them all. None of them had a box. I assumed that some might have sold out, but after asking around, it was unclear if they ever had any at all. At this point I just started hitting every and all grocery stores in the area. With each visit, I asked to speak to the manager and every time I walked away disappointed.

So there I was a week into October and starting to think I should ask someone to pick some up and send it to me or buy it online. Generally I do not like to do this. I like a good quest and I just couldn’t believe that not one store in the area had any, but there has to be a limit.

Feeling like I needed to justify ending my search, last Friday I decided to make a list of the stores I remembered going to and I popped them into Google Maps. This exercise revealed I had traveled an insane amount of miles looking for a breakfast cereal. All in all about 200+. I am not sure what that means gas-wise, but I imagine it was enough to buy several boxes of Boo Berry and have it shipped to me. Logic told me that it was time for me to give up.

But then…

On Sunday I went to a grocery store that had not been on my list. It had not shown up in my grocery store search results, but as I drove by it I got a feeling, and guess what…


They had loads of Monster Cereal! And it was on sale! I was almost dancing for joy as I grabbed armfuls of boxes to carry to the register. Then as I turned the corner towards the front of the store, I just about fell over myself when I also discovered this store ALSO sells the new “Chocodiles” as well, but that will have to be another post.

When I got my 10 boxes to the car, I sat and admired the new art I had been hearing about and tore open a box of Boo Berry. Oh how I missed you old friend.


So now, I have all of my breakfasts laid out for this month and probably well into December. Was it worth all the effort? Well as I mentioned, I am a person who likes a good quest. I also like a story with a happy ending and with a bowlful of sugar sweet Monster Cereal how can you be anything but happy?

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  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    Are these available in variety pack size? The smaller boxes would be great to give out to trick-or-treaters but I don’t see any that size in stores. You’d think the cereals would be released in that size as well.

  2. The Retroist

    I agree 100%, it seems so perfect, but I have not heard anything about plans for them.

  3. dex1138

    Variety pack size would be awesome! Why has this not happened??
    Plus it’s be easier to cart some along for a snack.

  4. blakespot

    On a business trip to New Orleans, presently. My wife and daughter informed me last night they scored me a box of Boo Berry, yesterday!! I only ONCE in my life, decades ago, found a box.

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