The Wizard of Oz Game

wizard of oz boardgame

I have always been a a big “Wizard of Oz” fan. So when our local movie house started showing it on the big screen, I was there on opening night. Of course this triggers all sorts of nostalgia in my brain and got me looking for some Oz stuff I had as a kid. One of the earliest Oz related toys I can remember was a damaged Wizard of Oz boardgame, that was hand-me-down from my older sisters. I would spin that wheel and play for hours, each time looking at the great illustrations and reading along with the narrative, like it was my first time playing it. I am pretty sure my family thought I wasn’t right in the head, but who cares, I was in Oz.

wizard of oz boardgame inside

Hake’s is selling a great looking copy of the game in what look like excellent condition (the above photos are from their copy of the game.) According to Hake’s:

9.5×18-7/8×1.5″ deep yellow box has choice color painting on lid of Dorothy and friends walking through flower field. Cadaco #406 copyright 1974 Chicago. Box bottom is factory sealed in cellophane but visible is colorful game board w/different nice painted images of characters and Emerald City of Oz. Exc. with Mint contents. Nicely done.

Nicely done indeed. Relive your Oz memories with your own The Wizard of Oz Game from Hake’s.

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