TMNT Gum by Bubble Toons

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back and they are on the gum. That’s right, now when you reach for a piece of your favorite gum you could be sharing it with Raphael or Michelangelo, because now they have TMNT Gum.

I picked up a pack of this gum yesterday at the supermarket on clearance for 33 cents. So don’t count on finding this product on the shelves for long. Not that it is really worth seeking out.

Check out the slogan, “The Wacky Bubble Gum with Images you eat!” Maybe you are supposed to tear the images off and eat them first? Otherwise shouldn’t it be? The Wacky Bubble Gum with Images you chew!

Switch your slogan Bubbletoons, its chew not eat!

TMNT Gum is a weird gum. It has a taste that I would not classify as pleasant. The characters are printed on pieces of edible paper and the paper is glued to the gum. It looks cool and all, but the paper has a weird texture and kind of looks like plastic.

So I give a hard pass to TMNT Gum. It looks kind of cool, but it is not worth your time or money. Even if it is only 33 cents a pack.

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