Tomy’s Most Impressive Handheld, “Tron”

My cousin seemed to obsessively collect handhelds so it was a treat to visit him when we were young. The finest game he ever had was Tomy’s Tron. To this day I consider it one of the most impressive handheld games I had the honor to play in the 1980s. Based on the Bally/Midway Tron game, the handheld had multiple play modes, each of them offering a unique challenge. The thing also looked amazing. It has great blue and white accents with a smoky plastic body that allowed you to peer inside the game. It was like so many great Tomy games … very well thought out. Take a look…

Here are some video of the various modes:

Tomy’s Handheld Tron Light Bike Stage

Tomy’s Handheld Tron Ring Stage

Tomy’s Handheld Tron MCP Stage

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  1. OffisaPups

    Having a dad who was way into Sci-Fi and some what into video games, I had the pleasure of owning one of these. Man do I miss the day of LCD games (Tiger Electronics anyone?). Saddly my Tron did not survived a shift of toys at the bottom on my closet back in the early 90’s. Still, one of the best LCD games ever!

  2. VicSage2005

    Thank you very much for posting this, Retroist. I wondered what it would look like in motion and the answer is plain awesome!

  3. Atari Adventure Square

    I’m surprised at how well conceived the visuals and gameplay are for an LCD take on Tron.
    I’ve seen this in a catalog but couldn’t convince the folks to splurge for the extra cost of the batteries these bigger ones ate up (like the four C batteries per day for my Pac-Man Arcade LCD).
    But now I have rechargeable batteries, a Security Access 7 keyboard and strong anti-MCP desires.
    (dashes off to Ebay)

  4. Hot Pink Nation

    Oh… MY… Gawd! I totally had that Tron handheld and it was awesome!!

    I wish I knew what happened to it all those years ago…

  5. vinvectrex

    I’ve heard of this, but never done the research into it. Now, I’m convinced its the best handheld ever. Thanks for the education!

  6. Pal G.

    I found a simulator of this many years ago, that ran in windoze.. I will dig around for it and update this post if I can find it.

  7. The Retroist

    I would like to try that out Pal. Hope you find it.

  8. The Retroist

    Guess I need to give this the old college try…

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