Tonka Super Naturals


Released by Tonka in 1986, the Super Naturals should have been a classic toyline. They were amazing to look at with great detail and wonderful theming. They also were holographic which was the height of technology in the mid 1980s. Oh, and their weapons glowed in the dark. To me that was a toy trifecta. I thought these Super Naturals were the Bee’s Knees, but for some reason they just couldn’t catch on. Maybe the market was just too saturated at this point or perhaps the whole sword and sorcery theme was not in vogue enough at the time.

How this ad from the UK with its chanting did not make this a million unit seller over there is beyond me…

Maybe most people were seeing this less impressive commercial?

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  1. Drahken

    I think the visionaries line was done a little better, although neither one took off very well.

  2. Saturday World

    OMG I had the bad guy. I didn’t know what they were until now. I think I got it at Kay-Bee of all places. Awesome!

  3. Dar

    I had a few of these and ofcourse what 80’s child didn’t love holograms. But these really weren’t very fun to play with.

    Agree on the Visionaries. Also the latter had the advantage of being an actual figure not just half-a-figure.

    Not to mention the awesome cartoon.

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