Top 5 Scooby-Doo Villains

Whew! Just in time for Halloween its time for the top 5 Scooby Villains of all time. How’s that for timing.


As scary cartoons go, Scooby Doo was the tops. Great color pallet, dark storylines, and lots and lots of fog. I am of course referring to the original “Scooby-Doo,Where Are You?” Series, not the “The Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show”, and although Phyllis Dillar was very scary in “The New Scooby-Doo Movies”, it just didn’t inspire the creepy mid afternoon terror of a good old skool Scooby Doo Mystery.

So in honor of Halloween I put together my top 5 Scooby Doo Villains. Lets start the countdown. Enjoy!


The Black Knight is from the very first episode of Scooby Doo and he is pretty creepy.

When unmasked it turns out to be: Mr. Wickles, The Museum Curator


One of the more famous villains because he appears in the opening credits of the show the Man from Mars is one of those rare villains who it turns out is not human. Killers robots are pretty darn scary. Not as frightening as a ghost or a vampire, buts its up there. You better believe it. When a robot wants you dead it will do it more efficiently then any poltergeist.

When unmasked it turns out to be: Charlie, The Worlds Most Perfect Robot


Spectres are scary right. I have no idea what a spectre is, but it seems to be some kind of ghost and in this case a headless one. I am not sure why a Spectre who is headless is scarier then a headed ghost, but it is.

When unmasked it turns out to be: Asa Shanks, Farmer


The Phantom is not only a creepy ghost, but their are two of him. Thats right in this episode you get two Phantom Shadows for the price of one. And of course like all mysterious phantoms, it plays the organ.

When unmasked it turns out to be: Creeps and Crawls, Attorneys at Law


To this day I still hear him in my sleep. “Watch the pretty coin of gold and you will do what you are told…” The Ghost Clown was the villain in the episode called Bedlam in the Big Top. I remember that episode name because it sent chills coursing through me whenever it came on the TV. Of course you could take anything that is scary and to make it scarier by just adding a clown. On the scary scale of 1-10 clowns rate a 64 and a Hypno-Clown rates off the chart.

When unmasked it turns out to be: Harry the Hypnotist

Do you have a favorite Scooby Doo villain? Post a comment and share it with the world.

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  1. i was born in ’89 but watched these with my dad every morning. An amazing list of the greatest scooby doo villans. im actually watching the Black Knight episode right now. The “Where Are You” series had so many classic characters. The witch and zombie in the swamp, the alien in the abandoned air field. Great list brought back alot of memories.

  2. Welcome to the site goode. I am glad this list triggered some good memories. I myself am a huge Scooby Doo fan. I just love everything about the series. The stories are fun, the characters are great and its got a color pallet that is just amazing.

    Next Halloween I think I will work in some more Scooby Doo related stories, especially if I can complete my DVD collection before then.

    Hope to see you around the site…

  3. The space skeleton guy was pretty darn scary. But, he had one of the funniest laughs in animation, looking back now. 😉

  4. Welcome to the site scoobied. I totally agree about The Spooky Space Kook – I can still hear that laugh in my head. Damn maybe he should be in the top 5 – its was a hard list foe me to make and he is definitely up there.

    For those who have no idea what we are talking about

    watch the full episode on AOL

    (you will here the laugh in the first 2 minutes of the video)

  5. we should have a photo of every scooby doo episode. i like these photos they are very good.

  6. i think no1 is deff the creeper that is 1 scary person i wouldnt like 2 meet him in a dark room

  7. Thanks Evan and Denni. I am a big fan of the art of Scooby Doo myself and if I had the time I would love to do a character guide.

    I will put then that on the “To Do” or “To Doo” list.

  8. thats gd 2 hear and y dont i change it 2 top 10?

  9. Hey mate,

    My girlfriend doesnt believe me that there was an “electric” orange monster in Scooby Doo, i distinctly remember being petrified of it as a kid!!!
    All I can remember is it made a buzzing kinda noise, and was glowing orange……of course, all the gang solved the mystery in the end….!

    Do you recall this?

  10. Hi Glen, your remembering the 10,000 Volt Ghost! He was one of the ghosts I remember being scared of when I was a kid.

    Great site Retroist, maybe you could change the list to a top 10 to get in a couple more of the more memorable creeps? I totally agree with the list, but love to see the werewolf, the space kook, the skeleton men, 10000 volt ghost and Tiki Witch Doctor up there as well. It’s really to hard to pick though. So many classic spooks!

    The monster that scared me most as a kid was the Cat Creature. The thought that a cursed medalion could turn you into a monster gave me many sleepless nights!

  11. Nice job Aron.

    You are right about all the Scooby Villains. So many to choose from it is hard to pick just one. Keep checking the site. I think you will be happily surprised with a feature I am working on (if I ever finish it)

  12. i always thought that the no-faced zombie was the scariest.he has haunted my dreams for years.

  13. the scariest for me was the ROBOT , but you should not forget the skeleton headed – astronaut from another planet

  14. Ghost Clown and 10,000 Volt Ghost are my favorites, with the Phantom Shadow a close 3rd place!

  15. 5 black knight(what a knight for a night)
    4 man from mars(foul play in funland
    3 phantom shadow (a night of fright is no delight)
    2 mummy (scooby doo and a mummy too)
    1 tar monster/wax phantom(the tar monster/don’t fool a phantom)

  16. Here are my top 5

    1: Phantom That Looks Like a Sheet, Hassle in the castle
    2: Color Change Laughy Space Dude (sorry for being vague-ish), Kooky Space Kook
    3: Chain Phantom, A Night of fright is No Delight
    4: Black Knight, What a Knight for a Night
    5: Mano Tiki Tia, A Tiki Scare is no Fair

    I like all of them, even ones that aren’t in my top five, like the creeper, miner 49er, elias kingston and the glowing sea dude (vague once again). Hyde, ive seen it too many times

    MY FAVORITE SHOW ( just___where are you?

  17. Where’s Captian cutler, tar monster, 10,0000 volt ghost, zombie, but mostly captian cutler!

  18. 5 the ghost clown 4 charlie the robot 3 headless specter 2 the black knight 1 the phantom shadows the #1 is my favorite episode ever and so is the other but #1 is the greatest one in all scooby doo villians

  19. I am glad to see we have some overlap Ernest. I think I picked the Ghost Clown because I had a strong love/hate relationship with that episode.

  20. THE COTTON CANDY GLOB!!!! u cant 4get him…he’s priceless. othr good ones: dr. jekyll/mr. hyde, the annabelle action dolls, glowy jungle animal things, that fake, evil scooby, the haunted mystery machine, and the joker (when scooby doo meets batman)!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry that there are so many…i just can’t do top 5…

  21. i understand THE RETROIST that the ghost clown scary but im just glad u put the the phantom shadow as #2

  22. 1 the ghost clown 2 the phantom shadow 3 the black knight 4the ghost of captain cutler 5 and the headless specter are favorite one now and the one that creep me out and hate it and gave a couple of nightmare is 1 the witch and the zombie 2 the puppet master 3 space kook 4 the creeper 5 and the ghost of elias kingston

  23. I used to get creeped out by the technicolor ice cream phantoms…but that didn’t stop me from watching that episode with the lights off! The phantom shadow and no-faced zombie are creepy, too, and so is the ghost clown esp. when he rises up out of the bushes.

  24. I like this website it would be better not top 5 not top 10 but top 20, it would be awesome, 20 favorites villians like the phantom shadow,the ghost clown,tar monster,snow ghost, the wax phantom, headless specter, old iron face, the werewolf,the vampire, and look a like frankenstien in gaggle of galloping ghost, the ghost of captian cutler, miner 49er, the cat creature, jaguaro, the gator ghoul,the creeper, 1,000 volt monster,the mummy of anka,space kook, and charlie the robot and many more. thats a good idea

  25. My favorite is the man from mars

  26. Well for me it was Elias Kingston. I used to get chills whenever the opening came on with the music and his mansion with one light. First time I saw him I was scared every nite for the next 3 months. I still need at least one light on when I watch that episode.

  27. I have been watchting Scooby with my daughter and during the opening there is an orangish red monster skiing..he also comes out of a file cabinet and tries to get scooby. I cannot find the title for this show. It is not the Snow Beast or the Snow ghost. Can anyone help?

  28. Brandy are you looking for the 10,000 Volt Ghost? This guy:

  29. I think the coolest were the Spooky Space Kook, and the dumb zombie from Which Witch is Which, but the top 5 scariest for me were:

    5. The football player phantom (can’t remember his name – “Rambling Ghost?”)
    4. Wax Phantom
    3. The Scottish bagpipe-playing ghost
    2. Dr. Coffin
    1. Headless Horseman – when he came riding out of the dark after “obtaining” a head from Cousin Elwood, all glowing and painted up with that evil laugh!

  30. The scariest ones for me were Witch McCoy, Dr. Coffin, Milo Booth, Ebenezer Crabb, the Snow Ghost, the Jaguaro, Elias Kingston, the Skull Island Vampire, the Ghost Werewolf, the Puppeteer, the Catwomen from Zombie Island, the Ghost Clown, the Demon Shark, the Caveman, the Freak, the Creeper, Alison Maye, the Phantom Truck and the Gnome.

  31. No way– The Phantom Shadow (who influenced how I drew ghosts for the rest of me life) followed closely by the Man from Mars (those vacant empty eyes of his… eesh!

  32. The only villain that may come close to the scariest of all on this list would have to be the Headless Spectre. I will admit that when I was a kid, it creeped me out a lot to see a man’s severed head in a box. But the absolute scariest villain without a doubt is the Cloaked Cavalier from Backstage Rage! The way he moved everywhere without raising a single alarm and the way he would appear in one place then disappeared when you turned back…I can’t even describe how much that scared me as a little kid. To this day when I think about it, he still gives me a slight shiver.

  33. I love these episodes, and out of all of those I would say “The Backstage Rage” was the scariest. However there was a series called the “Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show” (the first series) where the villans were REALLY frightening to me as a child and had amazing storylines and artwork. Here are the episodes starting with the scariest first:

    “The Ghoul, the bat and the ugly” – This episode is chilling! It was a devil looking creature called the Shadow Creature which can levitate objects and he moves and speaks really freaky!

    “When you wish upon a star creature” – The star creature talks really freaky!

    “Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea” – This creature also talks freaky but he is more stalkish. He follows the gang everywhere which gives you an added sense of danger.

    “I Left My Neck in San Francisco” – Great episode where actually one of the gang could be the culprit! This episode is really clever and they give you a few clues along the way on who it could be. This character again also decides to follow the gang everywhere.

    “Strange Encounters of a Scooby Kind” – Great artwork and storyline.

  34. I would say that the Phantom Shadow should be number one. Otherwise, great list.

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