1985 Transformer’s Toy Catalog

My toy evolution went something like this: Star Wars — GI Joe — Transformers — GI Joe — Star Wars. Of course it all starts and end with Star Wars, but the meat of my playtime were those magical robo-shape changers, The Transformers. I was going to post this when the movie came out, but I was a bit disgusted and didn’t feel like mixing good old memories with rotten special effects laden new memories.

Now that the appropriate amount of mourning time has passed I think I can post this for everyone to enjoy.






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Yes..GI-Joe is the condiment..mustard and mayo. Pre and post swivel arm.

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  1. Matt Haley

    Holy Oke, Massachusetts, Stu turned me on to this, and what do I find but scans of my youth… Transformers were a huge part of my growing up, loved seeing these again! Thanks – mh

  2. The Retroist

    Matt — Glad you liked em..stay tuned for more scanned goodness coming soon =)

    PS. I am a comic reader — you do great stuff. 🙂

  3. Metal Misfit

    Awesome post. I love old to catalogs like this. GI Joe & Masters of the Universe always had some pretty sweet setups for catalogs as well. I always loved the battle scenes we were presented with.

    This mostly brings back memories of toys I played with but not necessarily owned. My TF collection was limited to 3 or 4 of the Minis and then Sunstreaker from the regular line.

    Either my family wasn’t wealthy or I just didn’t bitch enough about getting more toys. 😛

  4. The Retroist

    I always wanted more toys. Which is why I had/have a lot of catalogs. I would just sit around and circle things i wanted and plan my Christmas list 11 months in advance.

  5. Metal Misfit

    Yep! That was me too! I’d stockpile MOTU and Joe catalogs and dream of what I could never have.

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