TRON Sark Action Figure (1982)

Browsing through old toys, I see regret everywhere. Not regrettable purchases, but regrets that I did not purchase something when I had the chance. I have seen Tron figures in people’s collections and online and I wish I owned every one of them. I would like to start with this Sark figure, although not sure if I should buy a carded one, since I think I would need to tear it open. Arggh. I am such a bad collector.

tron sark

According to Hake’s:

6×9″ blister card contains 4″ tall figure by Tomy © 1982. Back of card has photo of all four figures in this series as well as the Light Cycle. Figure comes w/glow-in-the-dark accessory disk. Card has st. warp along right and left edges, pair of store price stickers at bottom right. Exc. w/Mint figure.

TRON Sark Action Figure (1982) [@] Hake’s

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  1. VicSage2005

    I was able to pick up the re-release of the figures a couple of years back at a Suncoast store in my neck of the woods. So at least I didn’t have that agony of whether to open it or not.

    Of course I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us fans for Tron Legacy. 🙂

  2. Doug

    I had a few when I was a kid (don’t think Sark, though).

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