Up ‘n Down

When you first fire up Sega’s “Up ‘n Down”, the first thing you will notice are the graphics. It ain’t pretty. They are a horrible pixelated mess and it is difficult to figure out what is supposed to be what, but do not let them detract you from playing this game. Underneath that mess is a well designed game that will challenge you. Of course you will need to decipher the graphics, but if you do, you will inevitably be rewarded with an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Based on the arcade classic of the same name, the object of the game is to steer your car down some crazy crooked streets, collecting flags and avoiding colliding with other cars. To do this you can either jump over or onto other cars and drive smartly. Now when you first fire it up, the game might feel a little odd, but once you learn to control your car you can move onto learning the art of car jumping. It takes some time, but before you know it, you will not only be leaping over and onto other cars, but will also be jumping from lane to lane.

Stick with the game longer and you will notice the color scheme that helps to illustrate the game’s terrain. This will help you attain higher speeds, which is what the game is all about. The faster you go, the more flags you can get.

Up ‘n Down might have poor graphics and a steep learning curve, but it is a fun game for 1 or 2 player that will make a great addition to anyone’s gaming library. I give this game 4 out 5 stars.

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