USB Retrode 2 Lets you Play SNES and Genesis Games on your Computer

Great news retro gaming fans, you can now take your gaming fun on the go AND use your original carts and controllers on your computer using the Retrode 2. I was pretty excited when I heard about the Retrode last year and if it was not for a giant backlog of stuff I want, I would have ordered it, but now I am glad I waited, because the Retrode 2 looks much improved.

As with the original gaming on the Retrode 2 is dead simple here is how it works:

1. Find and install and emulator.
2. Plug cartridge into Retrode, and connect controllers. Of course, if you only want to use either the cartridge or a controller, that’s fine with us.
3. Connect Retrode to computer. No drivers needed.
4. Play! Load ROM into the emulator, configure the controllers, and you’ll be playing in no time.

So no messy fishing for ROMS online (you already have them in convenient cart form! If you like retro gaming, and who doesn’t head over to the Retrode 2 website for more information, pre-orders yours at Stone Age Gamer (ships January 23rd), then go nuts and fill out your library of games at classic online gaming vendor Magisterrex. Happy gaming!

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  1. garsh

    Except for the controller port and presumable access to your old save files, I really can’t see the logic in something like this. Cartridges are the diametric opposite of “convenient” compared to tiny data files. If something like this makes you feel better ethically or morally, I say go for it.

    You know what would be funny to do? Put a thumb drive inside a SNES cartridge casing loaded with every SNES ROM in existence and use that instead of a Retrode 2.

  2. The Retroist

    @garsh – I think the driving force behind the Retrode is people who question the ethics of the very convenient ROM or maybe people who do not understand how to get them?

    The secondary force is probably people who like using their original controllers or get a retro buzz plugging in their old carts. That is just a guess on my part though. When you start marketing the “Garsh Super Cart” sign me up for your VCS model.

  3. Drahken

    If you still have to get a seperate emulator, the device is really quite pointless. Gravis gamepad pro controllers feel very similar to SNES controllers (though they’re technically closer to PS1 controllers), need no specific drivers (though you can install their software to make them emulate mouse & keyboard strokes, which allows you to use them in games/emulators which lack joystick support), and can be used with any joystick/controller supporting emulator (which is the vast majority of emulators), as well as most of your PC games. I got a couple gamepade pros for $15 each, years ago, they’re probably even cheaper now. I’ve also had a couple controllers which were nearly identical to 6-button genesis controllers.
    ROMs are a cinch to find online or in torrents, especially for older systems like SNES and genesis.
    The only real advantage to this retrode thing is the legallity/morallity aspect.
    …On top of all that, step 4 sounds like you have to rip the ROM from the cartridge before you can actually play it, not simple plug-n-play like a true console.

  4. mwentworth

    It is on a bit of an island, in that people who prefer original carts probably prefer original hardware and vice versa. I just think it looks like a pretty cool little piece of engineering. @Retroist – you just need a Harmony Cart. Every 2600 rom fits nicely on one SD card and you are in business.

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