Vintage Atari 1984 Olympic Sponser Coffee Mug

Do you like to drink coffee or tea and have $15 burning a hole in your pocket? How about you pick up this super sweet vintage Atari/Olympic mug from 1980 1984? Supplies are very limited (1 mug), so act fast.

atari mug

Vintage Atari 1980 Olympic Sponser Coffee Mug [@] Etsy

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  1. Isn’t that from the LA games? Wasn’t that ’84?

  2. LA Games was 1984 – Moscow was 1980 and the USA boycotted. If it’s IN FACT a 1980 mug, that would be a bonafide collectible.

  3. Upon closer inspection, that’s a 1984 coffee mug.

  4. I had a gym bag with that logo when those games were on. Wouldnt have known otherwise.

  5. They should’ve given this out for achieving a high score on Track & Field.

  6. I have a book of matches (unused) from 7-11 that says “7-Eleven is an Official Sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympics.” It has that same star logo.

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