Waiting in the Car while your Family Shops

This commercial is nothing all that special, except that it captures a small slice of life that many of us can relate to, waiting in the car while someone else shops in a store. In this ad from K-Mart, it is a husband waiting for his wife, but I am sure it is applicable to many of us. I learned about what this is like pretty early on in life when my Mom let me stay in the car to read a book or listen to the radio while they went into the store.

What they don’t tell you, and what this commercial really does well, is illustrate how boring it can get in the car when the person’s shopping exceeds your time expectations. You start looking around and watching the entrance like a hawk and every person with the same color shirt as the person you are waiting for makes your breath a false sigh of relief.

That is why I will almost always go into the store and just poke around. Usually I can find something interesting to stare at and it usually beats the action going on out in the parking lot.

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