Walt Disney World Promo Letter from 1985

I recently picked up a bunch of folders and scrapbooks from my childhood. One of the heaviest in the bunch was the scrapbook dedicated to my family’s 1980s trips to Walt Disney World in Florida. We went in 1983, 1984 and 1995. These roadtrips to the Sunshine state are some of my favorite childhood memories, so I decided to start opening up the books and scanning what is in them for perpetuity. This means I get to share some of my memories here on the site.

First up is a promo letter about the Star Spangled Summer that Disney wants us to enjoy. These letters were sent out to anyone who wanted them, along with other promo material. To me though, they were a symbol of the promise of our next trip and I would hang them on a clipboard that was next to my bedroom door, so I could see it every morning before I left my room. This one from 1985 was special, because while I would get letters in future years, this would be the last year we would go to the park in the 1980s and the last time ever with the whole family.

Click on the letter for a larger version.

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  1. drquest

    Hope you get a chance to go back to WDW soon. I am always available for star tours wing man duty.

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