Walt Disney World Vacation Letter from 1985

As a kid (and maybe as an adult), I had a bad Disney problem. I could never get enough of anything Disney. This thirst extended into the realm of ephemera. I would cut out Disney ads from magazines and newspapers, I would save every scrap of everything when my family visited the parks and when Disney offered to send information about their magical parks via TV commercials, I picked up the phone and called right away.

This letter is from 1985 and I am pretty sure when I called them they made me put my mother on the phone because they were just not buying me being old enough to be the decision maker in the household. Good for me, my Mother was usually game when it came to sending away for free stuff. The only downside is that I did this sort of thing so often that we were on every junk mail list in the country and even up until recently my Mother was always throwing away weird catalogs and strange offers.

In the letter above, Disney is promising the most “Star-Spangled-est” Summer ever! We didn’t make it down there that summer, but I am sure if Disney promised they were going to bathe you in the electric glow of patriotic amazing-ness, that is exactly what they did.

I checked all the commercial online and found a couple of gems from 1985, but nothing especially patriotic. Although both were memorable, including a standard “Together at Disney” commercial:

and this amazing The Cosby Family at Disney version:

Since I couldn’t find a patriotic one, here is Molly Ringwald sing the Star Spangled Banner on Yankee Doodle Mickey.