Want to contribute to an upcoming Retroist Podcast Special?

I have taken a break from the “specials” format of the podcast recently, but I put 3 on the schedule for this year and I am looking for folks who might want to participate. To participate you will need:

– The ability to record yourself speaking and a decent microphone to do it on
– A story to tell about yourself that you are willing to share with a bunch of people
– Joy in nostalgia

Two of these specials will be related to upcoming holidays, while the other will be more general interest. If you submit a recorded segment, I cannot guarantee I will use it, but I will try to spell out exactly the format and tone below. So read below before you record and if you have any questions please email me at retroist@retroist.com and tell me a little about yourself.

Now some specifics on what will be required

– All submissions should be in wav or mp3 format. Please try to get access to the quietest area you can access to record and do not mix music or sounds into your recordings.
– Submissions should be individual efforts. No group submissions. Just one voice per submission.
– Please tell a story about yourself and the subject. A memory you have of the subject.
– They should be between 2-3 minutes long. I know how difficult it can be to get something down to that length, but I cannot use any story above 3 minutes or below 2.
– Just start telling your story. Don’t introduce yourself, I will do that and don’t close your story with an outro or summary, just let the story end.
– Please include info about yourself you would like me to introduce in an email. How to say your name sometimes helps. Also include anything you would like for me to mention on the show, like your blog or podcast.

I will be doing 3 specials (a 4th is still floating around, but not sure). They will be about Halloween, Christmas and one mystery special. Remember that a decent amount of people might be submitting segments (or not), so the more specific the story, the better. I would prefer not overly generic submissions.

The Halloween Special should involve a story/memory about Halloween from your past. Something that made a specific Halloween special or scary. It should have something “Retro” about it. Not just a scary story or a list of things you liked about Halloween.

The Christmas Special should involve a story/memory about a Christmas from your past. This should also be a specific story or memories and not just an overview of retro Xmas.

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  1. Ron Nelson

    I love your welcoming relaxed warm voice. I have a few request topics – Lancelot Link Super Agent Chimp, Land Of The Lost, HR Pufnstuff, Liddsville, Land Of The Giants, Super Friends, maybe a GI Joe/Mego Superhero & Apes special. Captain Action. The Monkees TV Show. Thanks I really enjoy the show.
    Ron Nelson ( MonkeyRN or MonkeyPaw )

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