Weebles Magic Kingdom Playset

Before I was into Star Wars, GI Joe or even Lego, I was a big fan of the Weebles. I am not sure which wonderful sister of mine donated their Weebles and Weeble Playground playset to me, but as soon as I held one of those egg shaped toys, I was hooked. All I could talk about was Weeble this and Wobble that. I guess my love for the toy was pretty obvious to all within ear shot because the following Christmas I received the Disney-themed Weebles Magic Kingdom Playset. Complete with Dumbo ride, monorail and of course a host of Disney character Weebles.

It was pure Weeble/Disney magic and I played with it even after I got into what would be considered more grown up toys like action figures. Sadly though, I and a house full of dogs (yes we had many many dogds) and friends treated the playset pretty roughly. So…

Eventually most of the castle was destroyed, but I held on to my Weebles well into adulthood. Then in a mysterious mix-up the box they were in went missing during a cross country move. I still like to think they are out there and somehow, just like on a Pixar movie, they will make their way home to me. In the meantime, I keep checking eBay and surfing other sites, trying to decided if I should replace this piece of childhood magic.

or maybe I need the Haunted House…

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  1. Doug

    I’ve been trying to get a good Weebles ghost (one with the face still on it) for months now with no luck.

  2. Payton

    I remember playing with this as a child. Thanks for bringing back such lovely memories.

  3. The Retroist

    Doug – I have looked online for a ghost as well. I think we might have talked about it and it stuck in my head. I am shocked about how pricey they can be even with everything faded off.

    Do you have a faded one? Have you though of trying to restore one yourself? Maybe even improve on the original?

  4. Doug

    Nope, don’t have any. I’ve been shying away from the faded ones cuz I like my ghosts to have nice, smiling faces.

  5. Laura

    I just pulled mine out of my parents attic so that my son can play with it. Only found my Donald weeble though so I need to go back up there and find the rest of them.

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