What About that Cassette Tape Episode of the Retroist Podcast?

What About that Cassette Tape Episode of the Retroist Podcast?

I was still getting a few straggler emails for the Cassette Tape Episode of the Retroist Podcast contest, so I extended it a little longer. Last week I picked a winner and sent the tape out to two listeners named Jim and Allison. I had so many great stories from people about why they should win, but a few were real standouts, so I put the best ones in a hat and pulled them at random.

I do not want to get into the details of people’s personal stories (those are theirs to tell), but asked permission of the winners and I can say that Jim and Allison used the Retroist Podcast on her iPod when Allison was in labor.

A move I have a hard time understanding, but a very humbling honor to be sure.

Recording this was fun, but I did mess up a bunch of times during recording, which made me need to start over.  It was also a bit more scripted than my other episodes.  I tried doing it extemporaneously with just some notes, but that was a disaster without the ability to edit.

That said, I wish I had recorded more of these and maybe will again someday. In the meantime thanks for all your entries and stories and congratulations to Jim, Allison and Lilly.

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  1. Doug

    Why didn’t I think of that? Congrats Jim and Allison.

  2. thebill1979

    I think the real story and question here is what episode was playing when the child was presented to the world and what omen does that represent?

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