What Happened to The Retroist?

As you might have noticed last week, including Halloween weekend, The Retroist had spotty service and then went down. The site has been growing as a decent pace over the last few months and Halloween was just too much for it too handle. So we had to move. It was a lot of work and a lot of late nights, but we are finally at our new digital home and it is glorious. I hope this is one we can count on for a while.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Some things have changed though (for now). I had to take some components of the site offline to figure out what effect they were having on the big picture. This includes some navigational elements and interactive buttons on the blog. You might have also noticed that the forums are offline currently. They are not dead, just off right now. They were getting a whole lot of traffic, most of it just curious readers coming over from google or other search engine, but a good amount of them were malicious. When I work out how to deal with them efficiently, the forums will roar back to life.

I am also going to be making changes to the Podcast. You used to be able to download all the episodes through iTunes and Zune, plus here on the site. That was a whole lot of bandwidth. To minimize that, I am moving all back episodes offsite to free file hosting mirrors and only the most recent three will be available. I am also exploring other options for the show like torrents and possibly seeing if people want to adopt and mirror specific episodes. I have already started changing over each show page. That should be completely done in a few days.

You might have already noticed that posts are starting to pick up again here on the blog and they will continue as always and look for a new episode of the podcast next week. Thanks to everyone for being patient during the last few days.

– Semper Fudge

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  1. Caffeinated Joe

    Cool, hope it works out well! Can we still get the podcast through iTunes, however?

  2. The Retroist

    New episodes will appear there and you will be able to get the most recent three at any particular time. Older episodes will be only available on the site through links to archived versions. Hopefully in the future I can figure out a way to bring the whole catalog back to itunes.

  3. drquest

    Great Job glad the site is growing.

  4. Caffeinated Joe

    Thanks for the information! Love the podcasts, love the site!

  5. vinvectrex

    Thanks for working round the clock to get things back up and running! Not surprised the traffic jumped – content has been great. I’m going to miss the occasional spam in the forums, though. How will I know where to go to get discounted brand name merchandise?

  6. The Retroist

    I will try and post all the sweet deals I have on imported generic drugs and handbags on the site in the meantime.

  7. CritAnime

    Maybe the Forum should be ahndled by something like PHPBB and onit’s own SQL server. That way it’s not eating into the same database resources as the site. That was one of the things I looked into with the origional CritAnime website.

  8. Badwolf

    Missing the forums…. thought something had happened at my end.

  9. The Retroist

    I really miss having the forums up as well, but I have found some alarming things in there and I am trying to figure out how, when and where it all came from.

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