What kid wouldn’t want this Batboat Amusement Ride?

Wow! I saw this Batboat on Hake’s this morning and fell in love. It is currently going for $862.50, so if you have any interest, head on over and check it out.


Here is what Hake’s has to say about this gem…

Batboat ride measures 24.5″ wide by 67″ long by 20″ tall and has 23.5″ tall figural Batman pilot seated at back for total height of 33″ tall. Fiberglass w/wooden bottom. Top has eyelets where boat could be suspended as swing ride. Produced in 1966 to capitalize on the Batmania craze of the time. Batboat closely resembles the design of the Batboat that made its first appearance in the 1966 “Batman” film, subsequently appearing in Seasons 2 and 3 of the 1960s “Batman” TV series. Ride has light on prow of boat w/three plastic accent jewels just in front of steering wheel, facing forward. Back has orange reflector disc. Sides of prow also have two lights and prow has padded strip. Sides have simulated exhaust pipes that double as steps to get into ride. Ride shows wear, mainly to seat and seat back w/some wear to the tips of Batman’s ears. Fine/VF overall. Could easily become the highlight of any Batman collection. Contact us prior to auction closing dates for shipping information and additional costs involved therein.

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  1. RetroArt

    I remember riding in one of these.
    It’s the imposing Batman figure that’s triggered the memory.
    I also recall having to choose between this Batboat or the Batcycle kiddie rude.
    A tough choice for a little kid.

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