What Sort of Candy Will You Give out this Halloween?

I think about what sort of candy to give out at Halloween a little too much, especially when you consider that most of the times, I get very few Trick or Treaters. I don’t mind that of course, because I usually get to eat all the leftovers. The sweet sweet leftovers. Here are some thoughts I have on Treats.

1. Stay away from healthy alternatives. Good for you, you care, but you know who doesn’t? The Trick or Treaters. They can sit at home and probably get all the apples they can eat, so leave the healthy food to their parents.

2. Try and not buy the cheapest candy available. I loved getting a good haul when I was a kid, but how many Dum Dums did I really want? If you shop around you can find some name brand minis for a good price. When I was a a kid, I would prefer 1 mini candy bar to a dozen lollipops.

3. No homemade treats. I know you are really creative and an excellent treat maker, but those parents will not think so. 9 out of 10 times your treat goes in the trash.

4. If you live in a high traffic area and like to get into the Halloween spirit, that is great, but maybe take some of that cash you spend on fake spider webs and invest in a bit more candy. The kids are not really checking out your scenery, they are running to that doorbell with dreams of chocolate and sugar. Do get the scary mask if you want to really make an impression.

5. Keep it edible. I know some houses have started giving little toys instead of candy. Please help stop that trend.


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  1. Dex

    I make up little treat bags for our visitors. I put in candy and little toys like spider rings and plastic/rubber bugs.
    The only thing worse than anything you listed here would be a religious pamphlet.

  2. vinvectrex

    We live in a very high traffic area, and last year we switched to a combination of candy and little decks of cards. The cards were a big hit – so this year we’re going cards only. I kind of figured that they would already have so much candy that the cards would be something different. Blasphemous?

  3. Kris Knives

    6. Don’t give out change! Trick or Treating is like playing a lotto ticket, part of the the thrill and expectation mixed with the hope of winning it big and getting first to that fabeled house that gave out like 10 full sized candy bars and then turned off their light. Giving out a few dimes is the equivalent of winning another ticket on a scratch off.

    I’m cool with the spider and skull rings as treats but ONLY if they glow in the dark. The only “helpful” treat I know of that was actually a hit in our neighborhood was one year someone gave out little glow sticks from the craft store so kids wouldn’t get hit dressed as Batman. I thought it was cool and the parents actually apreciated it.

    @vinvectrex: Is anything on the cards like halloween themed backs or something like that?

    @Dex: I’d take pamphlets over Toothbrushes! My parents neve made me read any pamphlets I got on Halloween or any other time of the year but I ALWAYS has forced to brush my teeth with my brand new travel toothbrush I got from a “helpful” neighbor. That house was definitely giving out tricks instead of treats!

  4. VicSage

    @Kris Knives That house…I bet a dentist lived there…they’ll rue the day that Sam knocks on their door!

    I think that is a good list of things to remember, Retroist, but I’m okay as well with the rings and plastic spiders to be honest. Vin…can I come over to your house to trick or treat? I’ll bring some of my Atari cartridges! 😉

  5. Paul

    Snickers and Reese’s Cups. The gold standard of candy no matter what the occasion.

  6. The Retroist

    Paul, great choices. I like the peanut-centricness of your selection.

  7. Dex

    No, I never received pamphlets but: a) I’m not a fan of people preaching to me/telling me I”m going to Hell b) especially on Halloween. If you don’t celebrate Halloween, turn off the lights and pretend you’re not home!

    @Kris – I’ve never gotten a tootbrush. Almost as preachy as a pamphlet!

  8. Paul

    Thank you kind sir 😉 I just hope I save enough for the trick-or-treaters

  9. Eric

    @DEX, I’ve always hated those little treat bags. They always made me feel ripped off when I got those cheap little spiders. Sorry if I’m sounding like a little ungrateful prick, but most kids are out for candy and to show off their costumes.

  10. Eric

    Also, that image is pretty cool.

    I really like the dress she’s wearing and how her hair is styled. And those candy bars are what “Fun Size” should really refer to!

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