What’s on NBC’s Saturday Mornings for the 1975-1976 Season?

Here is a great scan and upload by JMANCHA2010 (looks like he got it from WingnutToons), that shows that the Saturdays in the fall of 75 has were pretty great for kids entertainment. You have some memorable titles running that year and they are a good mix of live action and animation.

The Pink Panther, Land of the Lost, Plant of the Apes and Josie and the Pussycats are some of my childhood favorites, but what caught my attention is The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty. This concept seems so familiar, yet I cannot remember watching an episode. Even the opening sequence seems familiar.

Of course, now I must find this series and posses it.

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  1. I remember it was released in syndication as part of “The Groovie Goolies and Friends” but I never saw an episode with it.

  2. Daniel Th1rte3n

    Wow..I too remember this, yet have never seen it…is this some sort of weird psychological experiment?

  3. plcary

    There are few times in your life better than those hours in front of the tv on Saturday mornings!

  4. That show looks amazing. If you find it give me a heads up as well. I think that’s right in my wheelhouse!!

  5. VicSage

    Wow! So he can turn into a feline animated version of Robin Hood, the Lone Ranger, Lord Greystoke, Flash Gordon/Captain Kirk, AND a superhero? Count me in!

  6. Doug

    A cat with pecs? That’s one built cat.

  7. Atari Adventure Square

    I like to think when a cat twitches his paws in his sleep, he’s actually busy fending off feline foes and rescuing kitty damsels.

    Gotta catch and watch this, as well.
    Don’t recall ever seeing it, otherwise this ad represents most of my smiling Saturday morning of yore.

    Though I wonder what was Westwind like.

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