Where do Peeps Come From?

Where do Peeps Come From?

Did you ever ask, “Mommy, where do Peeps come from?” Did she give you a long answer involving facts on reproduction and scientific diagrams of Peep anatomy. Well, should anyone ever ask you this question, the true answer is simple: Peeps are hatched from foil-covered hollow chocolate eggs…duh. The Retroist was privileged to view such a hatching this Easter day…

Peep mothers are very caring and very smart. They know that if they hatch their eggs in protective cardboard boxes that their offspring will have a better chance of survival. Eggs hatched without boxes tend to fall out of their nests and break.

When it comes time to warm her eggs, the Peep mommy will release her seedling from its protective box, peel back the foil (that is used to confuse predators), and rest herself upon her prize.

Waiting is always the hardest part. Mamma will sit, and sit, and sit. She knows she’s almost finished when the chocolate beneath her marshmallowy tailfeathers begins to melt. When her bum has broken through, creating a small chocolate hole, her labor is complete.

From that point, it’s Baby Peep that goes to work. Baby Peep begins to peck at the small whole at the top of the egg created by its mother. It is not easy to peck through a chocolate shell when your beak is made of marshmallow…Baby Peep must work very diligently.

Baby Peep struggles and struggles, yearning to breath the non-stale-chocolate air, to meet its sugary mommy, and to soar in the Peep filled skies of Easter morn.

Finally to battle of birth is finished. Baby is free. Baby Peep gets comfortable in his nest. He’s overjoyed to begin life, yet cannot help but wonder why he is Yellow, but his Mommy is Pink. The quest for Father Peep begins…

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  1. enmarwen

    The Shells are better than the contents. but they’re really rich chocolate. blah. I can’t even eat one.

  2. The Retroist

    Yeah, I found the shells to be much better then then the new-born peep which had a bit of a weird texture.

  3. enmarwen

    mine sort of cumbled. lol. could’ve been that it was sitting around on a shelf for umm…2 and a half weeks? it was gross. XP

  4. The Retroist

    I am sure these things must sit on the shelf for a pretty long time. Next time I should check the expiration date. Last Halloween I was eating expired candy on Halloween night. What kind of candy company makes Halloween candy that expires on Halloween??

  5. enmarwen

    ew, that is dumb. and candy is good for a long time. the peep eggs I got ar good til November though. god. this is making me want another one. *eats one* lol

  6. The Retroist

    Lucky you still got some peeps left. I finished all of mine last weekend. =(. I have a few cream eggs in the fridge, but I could really go for some peeps.

    Guess I will have to wait for the Halloween Peeps.

  7. enmarwen

    I’ll send you my peeps if you want, lol. I think that first one just sat in the car in the sun too long. the one in that last egg was fine. I just don’t like peeps.

  8. The Retroist

    Next easter you can have my chocolate eggs and you send me your peeps =).

  9. enmarwen

    if they still make these. I’ve never seen them in eggs before. lol

  10. The Retroist

    They seemed to sell this year at stores in this area. I would wager that they will be back next year.

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