Where else can you follow the Retroist online?

In addition to this fun blog you can also get more Retroist fun from different source online. Here are a few:

    The Retroist Podcast – The podcast just passed 100 episodes and I am gearing up for the next 100. The show covers pop culture topics in some detail. We have covered a lot of ground, so pick a topic and give it a shot. If you are already a listener, please stop by iTunes or Zune or wherever you might download the show and perhaps give the show a quick rating.
    Retroist on Twitter – I have been using the Twitter now for a while and enjoy reading and retweeting posts from retro people I find on there. Most of what you see here on the site, gets tweeted, but I will also throw other retro nuggets up there when I find them. Look me up and we can start a twitter conversation (twitter-sation?)
    Retroist.com on Facebok – I mostly use my personal Retroist Facebook account to get a reaction from people regarding posts here on the site, but the Retroist.com Facebook page usually has new online finds and content posted to it daily. Stop by and feel free to contribute.

Those are most of the place where I spend my time when I am not post here on the site. If you want a little more Retro each day, please check them out.

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