Which Computer Language will you grow up to Speak?

My first computer language book should have been BASIC. That is really the only type of language I was capable of understanding, but for some reason it was not the first book that came into my possession. Instead it was a book on Fortran and it intimated the heck out of it.

I got the book through my Uncle, who was friends with a guy who worked in computers and happened to mention my budding interest in the subject. His friend said he had some old books he wasn’t using anymore and the first and only one he ever gave to my Uncle to give to me was this basic Fortran book.

My Uncle had little to no knowledge of computers, but he would quiz me on what I was learning. I did try to understand, but I found the book dense and difficult to decipher at that tender age. This must have disappointed him since this was the only book I received. A few months later I would get a book on BASIC, and after a few tutorials, I was really cooking.

I found the above illustration in an old magazine. It reminds me of those early days when even the names of programming languages provided a mystique that made me dream of building and controlling digital universes.

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  1. Justin M. Salvato

    You mentioned “…at that tender age.” At what age..?

    I’m pretty sure my first computer language book was BASIC which came with the ADAM.

    As for the image above, that art brings me back to magical times as well. Oh and WOW! He had a 5 monitor set up! hehe

    PS you blew it with your uncle!

    20 GOTO 10

    I can thank classes at company called CompuKids for my first introduction to programming.

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