Who wouldn’t want a Toyota RV-2?

In the early seventies Toyota tried its hand at creating a car that I still dream about. One that combines the ease of driving of a station wagon, with some of the convenience of an RV. Their first attempt was the RV-1 in 1971, but I think the real magic started in 1972, when they RV-2 wagon concept car was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show and then a few month later in 1973 at the New York International Auto Show.

The RV-2 was larger than the RV-1, but the real magic of this car were its side hinged clam shell doors. When they were raised you could stretch a tent between them and two adults could sleep there or on the fold down front seats. (You can get a good idea of how this would work from the image above.)

A fully working prototype of this was built and shown starting in 1973 and although it was fairly well received, it was not enough to go into production. So all we are left with are ads and promotional material of what might have been.

To see more images of the RV-2, check out this video. The music is very inappropriate, but you can see a real life RV-2 in its various stages of use.

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  1. I had one of these as a Hot Wheels car. I didn’t know it existed as a real car.

  2. When it deployed in real time, did it make a popping sound and while puffing out like a Jiffy Pop bag?

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