Wild Guns

Wild Guns is one of those games that you watch the computer play and think That doesn’t look to bad, I could do it, then you play. The only thing Wild about this game is the amount of time you waste playing it (I think many people may disagree, me included – Ed) .

The game is a space cowboy (technically a science fiction western – Ed) shooter that has lots of bad guys to shoot and things to blow up.
If you ever played Nam 1975 on the Neo Geo, then you will be familiar with the game style. You move your character left and right, avoiding the oncoming bullets and bombs and along the way you have to move the cross-hair around the screen shoot things. It can get frustrating real fast and can lead to making you lose track of all the action going on and losing a life real fast.

Colourful and smooth graphics allow lots of detail to not only the characters, but the building and background. It is really one of the shining spots to the game. The game takes full advantage of the graphics chips and the huge colour pallet the SNES has.

There is a HUGE learning curve to the game. You really need to take some time to get use to the slow moving cross-hair. If this game came out on the Wii it would be so much better than trying to play it with a controller. To use the thumb pad and not offer a way to speed up the movement really hurts.

Game play:
The bosses are hard, which makes beating them real satisfying. But the game throws so much at you that just making it to the boss is a pain. If you are not getting killed by a guy that walks next to you (because for some reason you cannot shoot him) (you punch them – Ed) then you have guys popping up at the top of the screen while guys at the bottom are shooting you and with slow cross-hairs, someone is not getting shot and you are going to die.

You have 3 lives and unlimited continues but all continues in the world will not help you if you die on later levels. You make it to level 3 and die; you start over at level 1. No password option? No way to continue on the level I just died on? Weak.

All in all I found this game wanting to be something that is just wasn’t. It was an arcade style game that has controls that would work on an arcade machine, but just was not able to bring that to the SNES. The game is so different than many other action games out there you want to enjoy it, but after an hour, I found myself stressed out and frustrated.

Gameplay Video

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