Memories of the Windows 95 Release

Memories of the Windows 95 Release

When Windows 95 came out I was living in NJ. Being a PC user, I went to a Windows 95 Release party that is indelibly tattooed on my brain. I didn’t have the cash at the time to upgrade, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. By the end of the night, I would go home and borrow money to buy a copy of this new operating system.

Yes, it was just that inspiring.

Returning to the party, I was amazed at the amount of energy present. People were treating an operating system release like the release of a blockbuster film or album.

Big technology releases are commonplace now and this was perhaps not the first “big” one. But this was something I had never seen firsthand. The experience would stay with me for life.

Besides the normal balloons and finger foods they had this amateur singer they hired to sing a song that I will always associate with Windows 95. He was sort of an R&B singer and he just sang the words Windows 95 again and again, occasionally throwing in some weird beat-boxing and scatting. It was scary amazing.

If I owned a video camera at the time, I would have a webpage dedicated just to his performance. Since that won’t happen here is a clever little unrelated animated commercial by Bill Plimpton made to for the release of Windows 95.

Bill Plimpton Windows 95 Release Commercial

Not I cannot remember how the song went exactly, but it went something like this:

Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 -Win – dows -9 —- 5 – Windows 9 – t – 5

Break it down…

Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 – Windows 95 -Win – dows -9 —- 5 – Windows 9 – t – 5

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  1. Retro Justin

    I used to play the Windows 95 videos all the time. Not sure why. However, if I still had ’em, I’m sure I would do it again 🙂 Maybe I was just fascinated by the multimedia at the time.

  2. wendyvee

    I feel strangely compelled to break it down Windows 95 style, yo. 🙂

  3. The Retroist

    The song is so powerful, it just got stuck in my head again tonight for no good reason. I wish I had a recording or the talent to recreate it.

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