Woodsy Owl Cookie Jar

Love Ol’ Woodsy Owl. When I was in grammar school, we had to take a class called Ecology once a week. They told us about recycling and cutting down on water usage. I think it was pretty progressive for the time. Of course, I didn’t care. I use to just sit and stare at the Woodsy Owl posters around the room and dream of making friends with a giant Owl who lived in a clean magical woods. If, like me, you have a soft spot for Woodsy, check out this sweet Woodsy Owl Cookie Jar from Hake’s.

12.5” tall. McCoy. 1973. Woodsy holds guitar that has inside text reading “Give A Hoot! Don’t Pollute.” Majority of over-the-glaze red paint remains on feather and hat though there are scattered paint flakes. Minimal crazing visible on jar portion, most noticeable around Woodsy’s eyes and on guitar. Displays Exc.

woodsy owl cookie jar

Woodsy Owl Cookie Jar [@] Hake’s

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  1. Mark

    Ha Ha! Give a hoot, don’t pollute… but it’s okay to eat cookies and get fat.

  2. nan pitman

    i have the exact cookie jar can you tell me what it is worth. thank you

  3. The Retroist

    The starting bid at Hake’s had been for $100. I am not sure how much it went for in the end, but it did sell. Is yours in good condition?

  4. kim

    how much can i get for it i have the woodsy cookie jar

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