Yoo-hoo is Delicious AND Nutritious


Okay, I am not sure how nutritious a chocolate drink like Yoo-hoo actually is, but maybe it is when compared to other soft drinks? I LOVE Yoo-hoo and tried to use the logic in their ads and commercial to sell it to my Mom when we went to the supermarket. It never worked, but lucky for me my Mom grew up drinking Yoo-hoo and Chocolate Egg Creams so she would crave them a couple of times a year. That meant that a couple of times a year I would get the brown magic that I needed.

Recently the cravings that she seemed to be plagued with hit me as well and I have been buying a 4 pack a week and I am eyeing the 12 packs of cans. Do yourself a favor and enjoy yourself some Yoo-hoo today.

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  1. Does anyone else remember the short-lived YOOHOO ice cream cups?
    There might’ve been popsicles, like JELLO Pudding Pops, but my favorite was the cups of YOOHOO “frozen treat” where you tugged on the little rounded tab to pull back the paper lid and then scrap it out of the cup with a raw, wooden “spoonlette”.
    Oh why do they stop making things I love?!

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