You must watch this Tutorial Video for the 1993 TSR Game DragonStrike

In 1993, TSR released a board game based on Dungeons & Dragons called, DragonStrike. The game was well put together and was to serve as an introduction to roleplaying and more importantly the Dungeons & Dragons rule set.

By the time it made its way into stores, I was already a veteran of many a RPG gaming session. So the appeal of the game to me was minimal, that was until a friend showed me the video tutorial that came with the game. He seemed almost shaky with anticipation when he brought it up. Naturally I was curious and I am happy to say, I was not disappoint.

It featured live action and computer animation that mixed fantasy, blood, stage combat, humor, cheesiness and cutting edge animation into the perfect package and I had to have a copy. Oddly enough my friend did not seem to want to hold onto the tutorial and he just gave it to me. This puzzled me, but I don’t look a retro gift horse in its retro mouth.

I would show this video to many people over the years. As you might guess, it was mostly people who played RPGs who got the biggest kick out of it. Still it is a video that I think can put a smile even on a non-gamer’s face.

So if you have not seen the DragonStrike tutorial or it has been a while, enjoy.

Watch the full DragonStrike tutorial online

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  1. Rob O'Hara

    I still have this VHS tape. My friend owned the game and somehow I ended up with the tape. The game came with plastic figures and painting those was my first (and last) attempt at painting miniatures. From what I recall they turned out pretty good. I wish I still had them.

  2. The Retroist

    I am horrible at painting miniatures. If you can do it decently you should give it another try.

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