Zap that Hunger with a Bit-O-Honey


Spending a lot of times in hospitals as a kid, I became a connoisseur of the sweet treats that were available in the vending machine in front of the cafeteria. That machine helped to shape my taste in candies and I continue to seek those same ones out to this day. Chief among them was the Bit-O-Honey. I LOVE them. What made them even more special for me is that no one else seemed to like them. Heck, most of my friends had never even heard of them.

In all my years I have never seen a Bit-O-Honey commercial broadcast on TV, but they did make adverts for them that were high energy and oddly disturbing.

I don’t know about you, but watching those dancers close in on that musician makes me really uncomfortable. I kept feeling ike something horrible was going to happen to him. Yet, he doesn’t even blink, I guess the 60s really were a wild time.

Notice they mention Bit-O-Peanut Butter. I never had a chance to try that, nor their Bit-O-Licorice, but I think I did get to sample a Bit-O-Chocolate once.

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  1. I wouldn’t be too worried. Guitar-playing bards from the 1960s could summon crowds of dancing girls from miles away so long as they were playing on a beach. If you’ve ever watched any beach movies from that era, you’d know what I mean.

  2. Yeah, there’s a weird ‘2000 Maniacs’ vibe to it.

    I imagine as long as he keeps twanging and singing he’s okay, but the moment the music stops…well…he better be carrying a caseful of Bit-O candy bars or things’ll get maniacky in no time.

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