Zaxxon the Board Game

Zaxxon the Board Game was published by Milton Bradley in 1983 in an attempt to translate and capitalize on the ever-growing video game craze that was hurting board game sales. Sadly these board games, Zaxxon included, were just never able to capture the magic of the original video game. That does not mean I didn’t enjoy it as a kid. I enjoyed it a lot. Sadly it just doesn’t hold up as an adult game.

The art on Zaxxon is very attractive, but the game is just too linear and random. It is just spin and move…spin and move. Even thought it gets boring pretty quickly, I am still much better at this version of Zaxxon than I am at the arcade or home version.

I don’t take the game off the shelf much anymore. When I did last weekend, I snapped this photo and thought I would share.

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  1. Patrick J. Doody

    That artwork is incredible! Any snaps from the game board?

  2. Patrick J. Doody

    Also, I had the MB Pac-Man board game – it was awesome. I wish it had lived to see today.

  3. Drahken

    I used to have this game & loved to play it. I didn’t like the video game as a kid as I couldn’t stay alive more than 3~5 seconds, but I loved the board game.
    I also had the centipede board game & absolutely adored that.
    As i never played the zaxxon video game much I can’t say how well the board game captured it, but I think the centipede one (which I did often play & enjoy the video game version of) did a surprisingly good job. Indeed, I’ve often wanted to see a backport of the board game into a 2 player head-to-head version of the video game.

  4. dex1138

    I had this, Pac-Man, Centipede, and Berzerk. Somehow I never go the Donkey Game one. I loved this kind of stuff as a kid.

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    Yeah, love the artwork on this box!
    Actually got decent scores on the arcade and Coleco Zaxxon once I figured out the controller scheme. Even so, I’d crash into walls too frequently to plop many quarters into it.
    Also, coulda sworn I played a few cabinets which had speed settings raised for faster coin gobbling.

    Seeing this makes me curious about other arcade-to-boardgame cover art.

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