The Cover to the June 1974 Issue of Retroist Magazine

I have been a fan of Sean Hartter ever since I spotted his work bumping around geek art sites that I like to frequent. So of course when the opportunity to get some Hartter-made retroist themed magic made, I jumped at it. So I am very happy to show you the cover of the very rare (and Hartter-made) Retroist magazine from June of 1974 (a very good issue).

Retroist Magazine had a very short run. Only 16 issues (counting the double size French-Canadian language only double issue at the end.) If you have never seen the Retroist Magazine, I suggest your start poking around in the basement of that weird uncle you have. I am sure he has the entire back catalog. If you do not have a weird uncle. (Really?) Why not enjoy the early version of the Retroist as a website.

retroist magazine

For more Sean Hartter magic, check out his work on his blog and on deviantART.

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  1. Ed T.

    Great cover! I can ALMOST ignore the barcode on a 1974 mag… 🙂

  2. The Retroist

    June of 1974 was oddly enough the month that the first UPC encoded item was scanned in a supermarket (pack of gum). I am sure this magazine was a close 2nd 😛

  3. VicSage

    Didn’t that article on the steam driven automatons being used in the Military turn out to be based on merely theories of how they operated? 🙂

  4. The Retroist

    It is a reprint of what appears to be a late 1950s operations manual.

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