1980 Spoof of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Ronald Reagan, The Ronnie Horror Picture Show

In the early 1980s, ABC, trying to capture some of the magic of Saturday Night Live, unleashed a Friday night show aptly named, Fridays. The show aired on Friday Nights from April 11, 1980 to April 23, 1982 and brought together some wonderful talent. Who you ask? People like Larry David, Rich Hall, Michael Richards and Stuart Pankin just to name a few. They made a lot of interesting comedy during their 3 season run, but one of the oddest and certainly most epic of their comedic offering was a 20 spoof of the Rocky Horror Picture Show called, The Ronnie Horror Picture Show.

I have watched a lot of sketch comedy on TV over the years and while many sketches feel like they run 20 minutes long, this is probably the only sketch I have seen that reaches that length on purpose. It was a bold comedy experiment and very interesting to watch in retrospect, because not only does it capture some talented folks still at the start of their game, it also captures the political climate at the time.

Time were changing and the folks at Fridays tried to capture the feelings of people who were not too pleased with that fact. The whole thing is very hit and miss, but it is definitely worth watching.

Ronnie Horror Picture Show, Part 1/2

Ronnie Horror Picture Show, Part 2/2

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  1. One the best and strangest weekend shows that took over the wilding of late-night TV when SNL was losing its luster (and cast members) in the early 80s.

    As a blooming teen, I indifferently got my politics from this, SNL, Carson monologues and Mad Magazines.
    But Fridays was so much more and I’d murder (call me Assassin M.D.) to have it lasered onto shiny DVD discs and sold in stores, online, or on street corners.

    Only bad VHS copies of several shows circulate now and it’s a shame.

    I discovered The Plasmatics, The Clash, experienced Robert Fripp doing Elephant Talk and Kiss crash-and-burn, amidst the generally ear-bending musical guest goodness on this show.
    This insane Ronnie Horror sketch is proof that Fridays needs some lovin’!

  2. I saw this 1980 sketch the night of its first broadcast!

  3. Ronald Reagan, F.D.R and Da Vinci’s Last Supper photos on Narrorator’s desk.

  4. Awesome!

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