1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Cover Art without Text

1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Cover Art without Text

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons again lately and the books have migrated from a closet to a prominent shelf in the living room where they belong. This has increased the amount of time I spend looking at the books, which is substantial. Looking at the Dungeons and Dragons Cover Art of my treasured 1st Edition books I have often wondered what the original paintings that adorn them would look like without the text.

For the life of me, I cannot ever remember seeing this art in printed form outside of these books. Certainly not in the poster format that I desire. If they had, I would have had these hanging all over my walls as a kid. I decided to see if anyone had attempted to recreated the work and I am happy I did.

A quick search and I wound up at the Dragonfoot forums where poster Kevin Mayle, shared some reproductions he painted of them in the 1990s using acrylics. I think you will agree that the results are pretty impressive.

I would love for Wizards of the Coast to release these works in poster form. If they did, I think they should just use Kevin’s work. They are remarkable true to the original. Needless to say, I want them all!

You can see more of Kevin Mayle’s art, including his Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Cover Art without Text at his online gallery.

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  1. bane

    I am planning one of these days to turn that Monster manuel into an art piece myself. I am just bogged down with hundreds of other projects right now.

  2. The Retroist

    Hope you get to do it someday bane and I would enjoy seeing the outcome.

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