Add a Sunroof to your Car with the Funroof

In the 1980s my sister dated a guy who fancied himself a car expert. He spent many weekend either working on or driving one of his three sports cars and I imagine he spent most weekdays talking about those sports cars.

I remember he decided he was going to add a sunroof to one of his cars. When I heard about this, I was kind of excited. I had never driven in a car with a sunroof before and since I occasionally got to ride in the car with him and my sister, I figured I would get the experience. Sadly this never happened because the whole project went poorly.

I am not sure if it was the kit he got or if he just cut things wrong, but the sunroof leaked. Not just a small leak, but a leak like you might as well not close the sunroof. He spent months complaining about it and trying to find a solution, but to no avail. I think he eventually sold the car at a bargain price to a real mechanic who thought he could fix the problem.

Perhaps if he had just gotten himself a Funroof, instead of doing the whole thing himself, he would still be enjoying that car today?


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