As a Kid I Watched Star Trek on WPIX…Channel 11


Growing up in New Jersey, one of the TV stations I counted on throughout my youth was WPIX. They broadcast a great number of shows and movies that I recall fondly here on the site. One of the best things they broadcast in reruns was the original Star Trek. I would break all sorts of house rules to stay up and watch Star Trek and when I worked late at the video store, Star Trek on WPIX was my reward when I got home exhausted. Here is a promo from 1993 for The Menagerie that aired on WPIX during a commercial break for Deep Space Nine in 93, that I am sure I must have recorded or attempted to watch live.

Did you have a station like WPIX in your area? What station was it and what was your favorite show that they broadcast?

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  1. Chris

    My most-watched shows on WPIX were The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, and The Odd Couple.

    And of course the Yule Log.

  2. Joe E

    My most watched channel growing up in the Seattle area was KSTW back before it became part of the CW Network it was indie channel with favorites like Star Trek TOS, and Kung Fu theater sponsored by Temple Kung Fu.

  3. ktorster

    WPIX was my go to as a child too. Star Trek, The Odd Couple, The Honeymooners.

    Also, my cable system server two channels from Philly, 17 and 29 (forget the call signs).

    Both introduced me to the awesome Japanese worlds of Star Blazers, Battle Of The Planets and Space Giants.

  4. Jason K

    I actually have a bunch of old 80s shows with original commercials in my collection from WPIX. We never had a super station like that by me….wish we had.

  5. Daniel XIII

    I watched WPIX religiously growing up as well as WWOR and WSBK!

  6. Chris

    Jason K – Any chance you’d be willing to share/lend any of those tapes? I’d love to transfer those old ads to digital. You can contact me through my page linked in my name.

  7. Tom

    Some of my fondest memories are being a kid at night in the late 70s/early 80s watching Star Trek in syndication on WFLD 32 in Chicago when it was part of the Metromedia network. A big bowl of popcorn made on the stove was the perfect accompanying snack.

  8. ShadowWing Tronix

    We used to get WPIX here in Connecticut, until they passed a local station exclusivity law and local stations had to take precedence. Although for some reason we get both the local and New York NBC affiliate starting a few years ago.

  9. Atari Adventure Square

    Our Star Trek provider, for many years in the early 80s, was WCAX in Burlington.
    Every Sunday night, at 11:15 pm, those WCAX bumpers would lead into that stirring music sparking this week’s space adventure.
    My dad would often come sit in the living room with his book and, if the show was good enough, he’d set it aside to share the ride.

    Star Trek never failed in doing that. And, for me, the WCAX bumpers, one of which had a slow ‘Moonlight in Vermont’ instrumental, set a peaceful tone before proceeding into the heady imagination of Roddenberry.

    I love bumpers and show promos from the era. Every beloved show was an ‘event’, then. You had to be there, live. These promos were omnipresent – to be sure – but vital to the sport of TV Watching.

  10. charltonhero

    They even made commercials better back in the day! Love this commercial for Star Trek: The Menagerie One of the BEST episodes from the original series! I remember renting a hack VHS copy of this episode and being entranced by the show!!

    Great memories!

  11. Max Power

    For me, WPIX hit its peak when one lucky kid could play an Intellivision game by calling in and shouting “PIX” to fire while the game was broadcast on TV.

  12. The Retroist

    I agree TV Pixx was a high-water mark in tri-state area television programming.

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