Banana Cream Twinkies Are Back


Twinkies were created as a way to make use of shortcake pans during the strawberry down season. They cost 5 cents for a pair and, as many of you may already know, Twinkies used to be filled with banana cream. They only changed to vanilla cream due to bananas being in short supply during World War II. The vanilla cream went over so well that Twinkies just ran with it.

I have always wanted to try the banana Twinkies, but since my crystal powered time machine still doesn’t work, I thought I would spend the rest of my life guessing. Then the other day I walked into 7-11….


There they were, just sitting there next to the original Twinkies. I quickly snatched up 4 packages and ran home. Not wanting to waste anytime I snapped a quick picture, poured myself a cold glass of milk and ripped open the cellophane wrapper. I was immediately hit with a strong banana smell. The ingredients say it contains 2% or less banana puree so I imagine the smell is artificial, but these are Twinkies so who cares. I take a bite and suddenly I am transported back to the late 1930s. The planet is on the verge of war and all my neighbors are suffering from Polio, but my pie hole is crammed with sugary banana cream and moist golden cake, so all is right with the world.

As it turns out the Twinkies along with banana flavored muffins are being released as a promo for the release of King Kong on DVD. Which is interesting since the last time you could but these the original King Kong was in theaters.


To sum up, I love these things! But I have been burnt by these product releases before so I will be picking up a few more packages tonight and will squirrel them away for a rainy day. If you like Twinkies run out and try a pack. Enjoy them with a cold glass of milk and consider how good a deep fried banana Twinkie would be, or maybe a Banana Chocodile? Remember their is always another dream on the horizon in the world of snack cakes.

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