Be healthy and start all your days with Margarine

I love butter. I always have and I always will, but it was difficult when I was young because growing up in my house, margarine was king. My Grandmother just preferred the stuff and since she was at our place all the time, we would always buy it to put on toast and english muffins. It would drive me up a wall. Here we would have a giant brick of delicious butter just sitting in the fridge, but when I want to break off a piece, I would get chastised. Use the margarine, it is healthier and easier to spread. I would stomp back to the breakfast table and smear a tiny bit of this faux butter onto my dry toasted wonder bread and dream of a day when I could eat all the butter I wanted.

In my adult life, I have never bought margarine. Yes, I am finally free of its terrible yoke and I hardly feel bitter about it anymore (maybe just a little). Now when I see commercials like this for “Promise” margarine it makes me think of my Grandmother and how her irrational love of this butter impostor just made her seem more quirky and lovable.

Damn you margarine for making me smile!

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  1. My grandmother loved margarine like yours- maybe it was a generational thing. Being of an age group that went without butter for much of WW2 and relied on “oleo,” I’d guess she just preferred the sweeter taste of margarine. I haven’t had the stuff in years, but I can still remember that taste and texture. I didn’t dislike it, but it was NEVER going to taste “just like butter.”

    I’m old enough to remember to barrage of butter=bad margarine=good propaganda that started in the early 70’s. The same thinking that painted red meat and eggs as the other two prongs on Satan’s pitchfork.

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