Been a While Since A Chocodile

I grew up on the east coast, in the great state of New Jersey and beside having a top notch parkway we also have a great selection of snack cakes. We had it all — Tasty Cakes, Little Debbie, Drakes and of course Hostess. All of them were at my grubby little finger tips. Yet when a decision had to be made at the corner store I always chose The Chocodile.

As you get older your taste buds mature. Now I all but abandoned Chocodiles for more salty snacks, like Doritos (or the less zesty and cheaper Bravos) and of course Keebler Tato Skins, but occasionaly I would still take a ride on the Chocolate Gator. Now that its been a while since a Chocodile, I am ready to again for the Twinkie with the Ring Ding skin.

I live on the West Coast now and have never seen a Chocodile out here. I went to the Safeway and no Chocodiles. I went to every supermarket in a 10 mile radius. Nothing. Although I did find some interesting mexi-treats, but thats another story. I turned to my old friend the Internet. Surely I could purchase Chocodiles online, since they can’t be more delicate then the glass egg of the cookie world, the Malomar, which is available online.

I went to first since they have a food store thing. Nothing. Hometown Favorites. Nothing. We search after web search. Nothing except people wondering. Where is the Chocodile.

Planet Twinkie doesn’t even mention the Chocodile. Although I really want to order the Hostess Snack Oven. I sent an email to the folks at the site. After 4 days I got a one line email response. “You can get Chocodile info through Interstate Brands Companies”. The IBC website has no info on Chocodiles. I am sad and confused.

Oddly enough, according to their Frequently Asked Questions:

“There are no frequently asked questions available.”

How can that be!!

Sad, confused and determined to find the mysterious Chocodile. My next stop will be the Hostess Outlet store.

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  1. Kathy

    I don’t think they make them anymore. I was at a Hostess outlet last week and they did not have them. I saw chocolate covered twinkies in a candy store in Atlantic city, I think it was called sugar. Good Luck in your chocodile search.

  2. The Retroist

    They do still make them Cathy. I have had them recently and they are still awesome. One bite and I was 12 years old again.

    Sadly NJ does not seem to be in their coverage anymore, which is why I usually bring some home for the holidays.

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