Biblical Home Computing in 1982

I was browsing through a 1980s computer magazine when I found this photo that accompanied an article about a wave of spiritual-themed software that was coming to computers in 1982. It reminded me of one of my earliest experience with bible software.

In the 1980s, it seemed everyone was getting a home computer. Being an enthusiast I would always angle for invite to see any new hardware when it popped up at a friend’s house. One of my friend’s, whose father was a minister, invited me over when he finally got an Atari computer. I only had one other friend with one, so I was looking forward to seeing what sort of fun games we might play together.

The game that his father showed us was this bible quiz game, which we played patiently as his Dad beamed at us and this technological wonder and discussed how it was going to change everything. My friend destroyed me, which I think was a bit unfair since he was very much at an advantage (and would grow up to be a minister himself).

Naturally though as soon as his Dad left us alone we switched to Donkey Kong. Computerized bible quiz time sure beats non-computerized bible quiz time, but it is very hard to compete with a giant ape throwing barrels at a plumber.

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