Burger King He-Man Comic Strip Cups


Up until the recent release of Pepsi Throwback I had always been more of a Coca-Cola drinker. Not that I didn’t like Pepsi, but my Mother was extremely brand loyal when it came to soft drink. So when it came to picking a place to get a hamburger and a soda, she would turn up her nose at Burger during their Pepsi years. That was bad news for me, because I loved Burger King and I loved He-Man. So I would have really enjoyed owning these Burger King He-Man Comic Strip Cups.

Burger King He-Man Comic Strip Cups are something that has been on my collecting radar, but I have never been able find a decent set at a good price and now they are going up in price more quickly then I care for, so I guess I will continue to admire them from afar. This is probably a good thing because I would, at some point, decide to drink from them as a “treat” to myself and the inevitable washing and reuse would have ruined any decent cup I got my hands on.

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