Carvel’s Cookie Puss

Cookie Puss is an ice cream cake character created by Carvel in the 1970s. From day one it was the gem in their crown of freshly made ice-cream cake products that are sold only in its stores (despite what you might hear from fans of Hug-Me Bear and Fudgie the Whale). According to Carvel Lore (is it not amazing that we live in a world where that “Carvel Lore” is a thing!), Cookie Puss is a space alien originally named “Celestial Person”. Since that was a mouthful and his initials were “C.P.”, he changed his name to Cookie Puss. What planet is Cookie Puss from? Planet Birthday of course!

Not many people know this, but in the Galactic Senate scenes in the new Star Wars trilogy, the Cookie Cake people of Planet Birthday were well represented.

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  1. Flack

    The first time I (and I assume many others) heard of Cookie Puss was via the Beastie Boys.

  2. degenerart

    Fear the Puss!

    Used to see these commercials all the time and we even had a Carvel store in our town, but I don’t think my family ever partook of Cookie Puss, Cookie-O-Puss, Fudgie the Whale or Hug Me the Bear.

  3. Drahken

    The first time I heard of cookie puss was today, when I saw this article.

  4. The Retroist

    We had a lot of Carvels in my area growing up and the commercials were so wonderfully regional they were burned into my brain.

  5. You can still get Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale at Carvel. I love the flying saucers, too.

  6. Rick

    Did the cookie cake people sit next to ET and his people?

  7. The Retroist

    Sadly their people have been at war for millenia.

  8. metagirl

    My family went to Carvel all of the time, mostly for soft-serve cones. My mom always got her ice cream in a cup, not a cone. At the time I couldn’t understand it. Why would anyone get a cup over a cone? With a cone you can eat the container! As an adult I realize the value of the cup…for one thing, you get to enjoy melted ice cream pooled at the bottom, with a cone, that melted ice cream just drips on your new shoes.

    Sadly I never had a Cookie Puss of my own, though I know him well. We did get sheet cakes from Carvel for birthday parties. The “crunchies” were the best, no kid could resist. Often times some leftover crunchies would remain on the tray…those became my crunchies, all mine.

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