Classic Arcade Game: “Leprechaun” or “Pot of Gold”

I was wracking my brain last night trying to think of a video game that was appropriate to discuss this St. Patrick’s Day. I had a vague recollection of a video game which had a Leprechaun as the antagonist, but for the life of me, I could not remember much else about it. So this morning I did some sleuthing and found the game, Pot of Gold in my MAME folder. This rang a bell and seemed vaguely Leprechaunish, so I fired it up. This was the game! A quick search revealed that the game was distributed under as Leprechaun AND Pot of Gold. The arcade near my house had one branded as the former.

leprechaun arcade flyer

The objective in Leprechaun is to move around a magical forest and retrieve a pot of gold. While moving towards it you touch trees which change color and act as bonuses for when you finally get the treasure. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, not so fast Finnegan, because a quick moving Leprechaun is out there to thwart you. He will move across the screen removing your bonus trees and even moving his pot of gold.

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Leprechaun is a real treat to play and the perfect retro video game accompaniment for St. Patrick’s Day. So why not pick yourself up a Shamrock Shake, fire up MAME, and play a little Leprechaun today.

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  1. VicSage2005

    That sounds pretty darn awesome, sir!

  2. Michelle

    Have the Pot of Gold version in my arcade room.

  3. K Dowd

    nice games, but i know better website 🙂 Best part you can download any game to PC here’s link

  4. T

    Loved this game. Wish they would make an updated version for the nintendo wii.

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