Classic Marathon Candy Bars

In the 1970s, right up until the early 1980s, the Marathon candy bar (made by Mars) was my all time favorite. Why? It looked huge! The thing might of only weighed as much as a normal candy bar because it was so thin, but as a kid, an 8 inch long candy bar (no matter how thing) was hard to resist and I bought them as often as possible.

Sadly in 1981, Mar discontinued the brand. It would take decades for me to find a similar experience. That came in the form in the fabulously delicate Curly Wurlys, which are made by Cadbury. I enjoy a good Curly Wurly about once a month now and with each bite, I am transported back to the late 1970s and all I see is this smiling cowboy.

marathon candy bar

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  1. twilitezoner

    That’s Patrick Wayne. I was actually going to order some of those (Curly Wurlys) online last week but got sidetracked. Is there anywhere to get Reggie bars? I think its high time that retro candy made its official comeback.

  2. Retro Justin

    Looks like a scene from Rustler’s Rhapsody.

  3. Tamara Taylor

    I would just love to have another Marathon Bar in the Red Package! PThat is the only candy bar that I can say I haven’t seen since I was a little girl!! Every type of candy that I have eaten through the years has came back but the Marathon Bar!!!!!….

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