Crayola Caddy with Lazy Susan

The Crayola Caddy mighty not seem like that big of deal, but for me they seemed like the height of fanciness. As a kid I enjoyed art time with crayons and I kept my crayons as in as good a condition as I could muster. During most Christmases I would circle everything Crayola-related in the Wishbook and every year I would get a small box of crayons in my stocking. When I asked why no giant box of crayons or why no Caddy? The answer was always the same, “you don’t need that.”

I can see their point now that I am an adult. A shoe box is just as useful to a kid, maybe more so because you can decorate it with paint and stickers, but I still envied all my friends with their giant boxes of crayons with all those extraneous colors and their Crayola Caddies that their parents kept stocked at the center of the kitchen table during arts and crafts play time.


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  1. Drahken

    I didn’t have that one, but I did have the round one that held nothing but crayons, it came with something like 150 crayons.

  2. Max Power

    My brothers and I got one of those. It was less cool than it seemed, with the crummy water paint taking up one side.

    On the other hand, the model paint caddy from Testers was awesome.

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