Delicious Smurf Pasta

When you think of Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters that have made the jump to food product of course you always think of breakfast cereals right? It is of course the most natural jump.

Morning food = Cereal

Some characters become so popular that they actually transcend the morning food pigeonhole and make the jump to snack foods, lunch and if they are super stars, dinner. One such set of super stars are the Smurfs who in the 1980s put out various munchables including this little gem by Chef Boyardee, “Smurf Pasta”.

A great commercial that uses the show’s original character voices and actually has a bit of a plot (which is as weak as Papa Smurf’s special sauce). In the commercial, Gargamel decides to steal all the smurf’s food, which prompts Papa Smurf to create Smurf Pasta in four delicious flavors. Gargamel, who’s castle has suddenly been placed right next to Smurf Village (wtf), is been foiled again.

While not as delicious as Smurf Berry Crunch, Smurf Pasta was pretty decent and was sure better then the Smurf Toothpaste that cost me 3 permanent teeth, but that is a story for another day.

Hail to Lord Gargamel!  Long may he reign!
Hail to Lord Gargamel! Long may he reign!

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