DEVO on the Classic 80’s Sitcom Square Pegs


DEVO made a brief but memorable appearance on the Sarah Jessica Parker sitcom Square Pegs in 1983. DEVO is hired to play at Muffy Tepperman’s (Jami Gertz) Bat Mitzvah party and of course, wacky hijinks ensue. Up until the last minute it looks like DEVO will not be able to show, but they are bumped from SNL out of a fear of slam dancing, so they DEVO can make it after all. Much to the chagrin of Johnny Slash. DEVO lip syncs one song, “That’s Good” in the third act (see Part 3), but the episode is peppered with “Jocko Homo”.

To capture the drama and power of the moment, you really need to watch the entire show, but to just see DEVO…

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  1. stuart fox

    Loved Square Pegs. Totally different head, totally.

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