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Did you own any Pac-Man Collectible Arcade Figures?

Back when Pac-Mania was sweeping the nation, the Pac-Man marketing machine was in full swing. Cranking out quality items like coloring books, t-shirts, flying discs, kites, sneakers and of course “action” figures. While not exactly the perfect toyline for the figure collector who liked to tell stories when they played with their toys, these plastic gems gave me hours of pleasure.

I only had three of them, but I think they were the good three to have. The Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Blinky figures. While I probably could have scored the other three I didn’t find their theme very compelling. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man would make a good cake topper at a wedding, but I am not sure about the Pac-Angel. Is that what we think Pac-Man turns into whenever he gets nabbed by a ghost? Are you supposed to put it on top of a Christmas Tree? If they wanted me to be able to play with it they needed a true counterpoint to make it interesting. Maybe a Pac-Devil? That way Pac-Angel and Pac-Devil could be locked in an epic struggle for Pac-Mans Pac-Soul. Even now when I see Pac-Angel, I cannot bring myself to pick him up. The kid in me still doesn’t know what to do with him.

For a very long time, you could pick these figures up at garage sales and flea markets for a decently low price, but like many things retro, the price has gone up dramatically recently. So expect to spend about 20+ bucks for one still in the package and about half that or more for ones out of the package in decent shape.

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